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Give a pitch!

We like everyone to talk at our meetings. So much that we’re willing to give you a five-minutes spotlight so people will hear what you have to say!

You can either give a lightning talk or an elevator pitch.

The Lightning Talk

If you’re all about sharing, then you’d probably want to give a lightning talk. Share something you’ve been working on, something you’ve done, or something you’ve learned that may be of interest to the audience. You can use this opportunity to show off some of your mobile-related products and let the audience learn a thing or two on how your product was used in a successful case study.

The Elevator Pitch

If you’re someone on the lookout for a little help, then the elevator pitch is for you. This is not to be confused with a sales or marketing pitch. You’re either looking for a partner, investor or even developers to invite. You can use the questions on Wikipedia’s “Elevator Pitch” entry as a guide to creating your elevator pitch.

Marketing or Sales Pitch

If you’re marketing or selling your product to the audience, we would like to invite you to become a sponsor instead.

Contact us and let us know if you’d like to have your five minutes of fame!

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