Jul 17

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MoMo Manila 2011.07: The Live Blog!

Tonight, Mobile Monday Manila will be having guest speakers to talk about how mobile payments are doing locally.  We have Ms. Maybelle Santos of Smart Communications to share how an integrated online and mobile solution helps the unbanked and undeserved.  We also have Atty. JJ Disini to enlighten us on the legalities surrounding local mobile payments and explain why we have those separate payment services (i.e., Smart Money and G-Cash) are needed just to have some semblance of mobile payments.

Video streaming may or may not happen tonight.  Still in the experimental stage.  But no worries!  We’ll be recording the whole event and sharing the video.

We’d like to thank Chikka for helping with tonight’s beer fund!  We’re still accepting pledges and sponsors for tonight’s beer fund so please get in touch with us ASAP!  You don’t even have to give it tonight!  Just approach any of the Mobile Monday Manila organizers.

So without further ado, we give you our live blog courtesy of Technoodling.net!

Click here for the mobile version of the MoMo Manila 2011.07 LIVE BLOG

Live blog coverage courtesy of our media partner: