Jul 10

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MoMo Manila 2012.07: mHealth and NFC

Hello everyone!

We’re back with another month of mobile knowledge! This month we will be talking about mobile health and near field technology.

Mobile Health (mHealth) will be discussed by Sergio Arroyo, Founder and CEO of Ascendant Technologies. His company has been providing information technology solutions to the medical industry since 2003.

Near Field Communications (NFC) will be discussed by Charo Nuguid, one of Mobile Monday Manila’s co-founders. She is also a consultant for training and development in Java and Android technologies.

While we only have two topics for the night, we will have several people giving their five-minute pitches to introduce their new mobile projects, services and activities. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the three-minute pitch, just let us know at mobilemondaymanila@gmail.com.

As usual, there will be free drinks and food. Feel free to mingle with everyone else during the meeting as well.

Please note the dress code in the German Club: no short pants, flip-flops or slippers!

So come on over! We missed you!

MoMo Manila 2012.07: mHealth and NFC

Meeting Schedule (schedule subject to shift depending on the arrival of the speakers)

06:30 pm – 07:00 pm – Registration

07:00 pm – 07:15 pm – Introductions / networking

07:15 pm – 07:30 pm – mHealth by Sergio Arroyo

07:30 pm – 07:35 pm – mHealth Q&A

07:35 pm – 07:45 pm – Networking break

07:45 pm – 08:00 pm – NFC by Charo Nuguid

08:00 pm – 08:05 pm – NFC Q&A

08:05 pm – 08:15 pm – Networking break

08:15 pm – 09:00 pm – Three-minute presentations / Pitches