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The 1st Mobile Bayani Awards

The 1st Mobile Bayani Awards aim to acknowledge the three Filipino individuals, companies or non-profit organizations that made an indelible footprint in our local mobile space.  These are the heroes who have made the most impact on the local mobile scene.  Some may never have even been properly recognized for their contributions.

From now until August 12, 2011 August 19, 2011, MobileMonday Manila will be accepting nominations for the 1st Mobile Bayani Awards.  Anyone may nominate an individual, company or non-profit organization as a Mobile Bayani.  Self-nomination is also accepted.  Nominees will be considered according to any of the following criteria.  Nominees need not fit all criteria. (Example: It is possible that a non-profit organization is nominated based on execution and community impact alone.)  The questions below each criteria serve only as a guide to help you send in a nomination.  Anyone can send as many nominations as they want.

  • Execution:
    • How sophisticated was the innovation and what was its impact on the industry?
    • What was the challenge this innovation sought to solve?
    • What impact did the innovation have?
    • How well has the innovation received by  the public?
  • Community Impact:
    • What impact did the innovation have on future utilization of mobile technologies?
    • How did the public respond?
    • How did it contribute to making a positive impact?
  • Character:
    • Did they have the respect and admiration of friends and competitors?  Are they known as a ‘go to’ source for the industry?
    • Did they offer more of their time than reasonably expected in pursuit of a greater cause for the industry?
    • Did they garner a reputation of leadership amongst their peers?
    • Did they challenge the industry to greater achievement in using mobile technology?
    • Did they transcend politics and offer unbiased leadership in the tasks that were achieved?
  • Contribution:
    • Did they achieve concrete results?
    • Are these results acknowledged by the industry?
  • Leadership:
    • Did they develop new directions, or push the industry forward, with respect to core practices or key issues facing the mobile industry?
    • Did they effectively advocate the goals of the organization to government, the public or others in the industry?
    • Did they build value for the industry among consumers and those companies in the mobile ecosystem?
    • Did they solve problems, technical or process-related, central to the practice or well-being of the industry?
    • Did they execute industry change in the past that the industry esteems as a defining accomplishment?

UPDATE 2011/08/21: Nominations are now closed.

Winners will be announced and awarded during the August 15 MobileMonday Manila meeting.